Our mission

In recent years, a great deal of research has been carried out on well-being at work, productivity, and also the impact of digital practices on the daily lives of individuals and companies.

With the Totem, Let Me Think has set itself the mission of enabling everyone to regain control over the use of their smartphone, and to develop a balanced relationship with the digital world.

We are convinced that it is this change in our relationship with technology that will enable us to exploit its potential, while asserting ourselves as human beings.


Who are we ?

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We are the co-founders of Let Me Think. Having expertise in digital well-being, consulting and interaction design, we are both convinced that the evolution of our relationship with technology is necessary and a key factor in our well-being and productivity. With the totem pole, we make it possible to take this first step.


The solutions offered by Let Me Think are based on the latest state of research. We are collaborating with two cognitive psychology researchers to advance our understanding of the impact of digital practices on engagement and quality of work life. To date, we have jointly launched two study projects.

Caroline Cuny is a member of the Economic Peace, Mindfulness and Well-being at Work Chair at Grenoble École de Management. In particular, she co-published the report “Halting digital overburdening”. Mathieu Pinelli is a postdoctoral researcher.

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caroline cuny

Caroline Cuny

Phd in cognitive psychology

mathieu pinelli

Mathieu Pinelli

Phd in cognitive psychology

Scientific articles

Are you a researcher, or are you studying our relationship to technology and its consequences (technostress, IT mindfulness…)? We would be delighted to exchange with you on this subject, and share our resources with you. Do not hesitate to contact us.