Addicted to smartphones vs. addicted to candy: same conflict?

19.02.2020 – 3 min. read

Smartphone addiction VS Candy addiction


3 min. read

Smartphones have become omnipresent in our lives and smartphone addiction is becoming a concern. They are there to show us our way when we are lost around town, to help us find love, but also to push back the time at which we go to sleep. After all smartphones have changed our life for better… or for worse.

Let us focus on the worse – smartphone addiction.

Our phones are extremely efficient at making us lose time (maybe even too much) on things that we initially had no plans of doing. For many of us, it has become very hard to resist using our phones, creating a real dependency. In fact, we could even compare smartphones to magical candy boxes that just never leave our side.

Imagine if tomorrow, and for the rest of time, we were followed by a box of candy, always full, and constantly tempting us with flashing lights and sudden sounds. What would we end up looking like? We would surely end up completely addicted. We would spend our time stuffing ourselves with candy and developing all sorts of problems. We would feel, on the one hand, guilty for not being able to resist, while having to deal with disastrous health conditions on the other hand.

Isn’t that past scenario exactly what is happening with our smartphones? These are indeed devices which we have with us all the time, constantly showing us new things to look at and bombarding us with notifications.

The effects of smartphone addiction on our health.

In this sense, smartphones play an important role on our mental health. These days, it is hard to put these devices aside when we are trying to learn something new or to spend time with our loved ones. Indeed, it has become increasingly difficult not to get distracted by them. Therefore, this addiction creates a sort of loss of control on our lives which, just like candy, makes us feel guilty.

41% of French people confess to looking at their phones in the middle of the night”

The problem does not stop there. Smartphone addiction also impacts our physical health. A study conducted by Deloitte in 2016 has found that 41% of French people confess to looking at their phones in the middle of the night, usually to check the time. And of these people, a non-negligible part of them (7%) admit to even answering messages. Also supporting this conclusion, Dr. Adrien Chaboche and Léonard Anthony, in their book: Tired, what if we learned how to really relax?, have concluded that our smartphones negatively impact our physical health by increasing our fatigue; a problem which could have dramatic long term effects.

Addicted but not doomed

Hooked on your phones, you might feel like you are losing control as your younger self would in front of bag of sweets. However this situation is a bit more complicated than that. Indeed, some apps have become essential to our lives today, whether they help us work or make public transportation more bearable. Imagine giving up on the easy access your phone gives you to your emails or even on your own Spotify playlist! Impossible right? Nevertheless, some apps are really not that vital in your day-to-day lives. For example, do we really need to take a look at our Facebook or Instagram feeds when we are trying to work? Absolutely not! It is therefore a matter of choosing the right app at the right time. 

When we were young, we were quickly taught that stuffing ourselves with candy was not good for our health. Whether this was through our parents, doctors, or a severe stomachache, this lesson has allowed us to maintain a certain healthy lifestyle. Regarding smartphones, our generation is the first one having to learn to resist them. It is up to us to understand the impact that they have on our wellbeing, and try to find a healthy balance between the opportunities that they provide and the potential downfalls that they may have.

At Let Me Think, this is exactly what we are striving for: allowing everyone to have the opportunity to use the right application at the right time. We are convinced of the importance smartphones have in our lives, but we are also aware of the risks they imply. This is why we have developed our own solution to help you deal with it: a simple answer that changes the way we interact with these devices. By doing so, you will never have to suffer from a loss of control again.

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