An Open Letter: Why are we choosing to launch a crowdfunding campaign?

29.05.2020 – 5 min. read

co-fondateurs Let Me Think


5 min. read

An Open Letter from The Let Me Think Co-founders

We are César Lacombe and Victor Loiseau, Let Me Think’s co-founders. A year ago, we united our efforts behind a simple idea: to redefine our relationship with smartphones. Indeed, we strongly believe to this day that our habits surrounding technology, have to change. We could not bear to have to make the choice between completely rejecting the technologies, or their total acceptance. The fact is that there are no interim solutions on the market today, and people have to take drastic measures. For example, if you are looking to buy a phone, you can either choose a first-generation mobile with a very limited usage, or an attention-grabbing smartphone. If you are working, you can either turn your phone off, or accepting to be perpetually interrupted by notifications… There is no in between. 

After months of research, prototyping and testing, we have created the solution which could improve our tech habits: a connected totem that transforms our smartphone into a working tool. By simply touching it with your phone, you will access a personalized workspace: a new interface allowing you to use only applications that are useful while working and an intelligent notification management system. 

If we are writing this letter today, it is because we need your support to carry out this project. Indeed, we have decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign starting from June 11th, on Kickstarter. Here are the reasons which led us to make this decision.

Firstly… what is a crowdfunding campaign ? 

A crowdfunding campaign aims to fund a specific project, like ours. Let Me Think’s crowdfunding will take place on the Kickstarter platform. During this campaign, you will be able to support Let Me Think financially in exchange for various compensations. For example, you could get one of our totems (or more than one), an enrolment in the Let Me Think’s hall of fame, Nir Eyal‘s Indistractable book, or an exclusive invite to our Let Me Think launch party and research presentation.

Your feedback was key in the development of Let Me Think.

At Let Me Think, we wanted to involve our community in the development of our product, right from the beginning. As a matter of fact, it was thanks to our different exchanges on digital habits that we truly understood the absurdity of our current relationship with smartphones. Due to their high value, they have become essential in our lives. However, they are unsuitable to our work environments and can become a big source of distraction. Unable to live without them, we allow them to constantly interrupt us. This does not make any sense! Furthermore, our discussions with Nir Eyal, the author of Hooked and Indistractable, Stéphanie Bertholon, a smartphone addiction specialist, and Allan Armougum, a neuroscientist, have also helped us understand the cognitive mechanisms behind the use of our smartphones.

All these exchanges, as well as a great deal of research and design thinking, have enabled us to create the best solution to this problem: a connected totem that transforms your smartphone into a working tool. We prototyped the solution, tested different shapes, created several versions of the totem and the app. After many different versions were made, we were able to use the best one within our team and with beta users.

beta test Let Me Think

First tests of the product with Guillaume 


This success was made possible by all of you, who have supported us. Therefore, we will like to offer you the chance to pre-order your very own totem. 

Creation of the very first usable version of the totem 


Today, we need funds to start production.

Now that we have a great product, we want to be able to start the production of our totems and continue the development of our application. This is why we need your help.

You can contribute to our company in many ways. Here are some of them: 

  • Super Early Bird Pack : a connected totem with access to the Let Me Think app – 44,99€ (50 available) 
  • Genius Pack : a connected totem with access to the Let Me Think app + Nir Eyal’s Indistractable e-book – 49,99€ (50 available) 
  • Ambassador Pack : an invitation to the presentation of research results + 2 connected totems with access to the Let Me Think app + a copy of Indistractable by Nir Eyal – 249,99€ 
Let Me Think totem et app

Final version of the totem, available on Kickstarter starting June 11th

We can't change our relationship with technology on our own...

If we are launching a crowdfunding campaign, it is also because we cannot succeed in changing our relationship with technology alone. We all face, in our daily lives, problems caused by an excessive use of smartphones. In case you didn’t know, we unlock our phones on average 150 times a day, which corresponds to once every 6 minutes. 

At Let Me Think, we want to be able to create practical solutions which will  allow us to develop a better use of technology, and contributes to our well-being and our balance. 

We understand the extent of this mission. Our method relies on science, research, and design, in order to allow fundamental transformations in the way we use technologies today. It’s about taking into account our flaws as humans, to develop solutions that are adapted to us. To do this, we are working in collaboration with two researchers, Caroline Cuny, PhD in cognitive psychology and author of the remarkable report Stop digital overload, and Mathieu Pinelli, PhD in psychology. Let Me Think’s goal is to contribute to the research on our relationship with technology and our well-being. By contributing to our crowdfunding campaign, you will take part in this mission, and help us change our tech habits. 

As you have understood, our Let Me Think community has helped us a lot in the development of our project. Therefore, to show our gratitude we have decided to create a special “Super Early Bird” package for the first few participants in our campaign. To get access to this special offer, you will just need to register here :

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